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BUDGET 2018-2019 Special

Latest Updates - -The latest income tax slabs for 2018-2019 can be found here - Income tax slabs 2018-19.
-The latest free income tax calculator to calculate your latest tax and to compare your tax savings from previous year can be found here Free Income Tax calculator for calculating tax for 2018-19.

Union Budget 2013

Union budget 2013 presented on February 2013. The news, analysis and views regarding the budget.

Income tax slabs for FY 2013-2014

Income tax slab applicable for 2013-2014 per union budget 2013-14 presented on 28 February 2013.


Union budget 2013 Highlights

No changes to the income tax slab or the rates and an additional rebate for people with income less than Rs 5 lakhs are the main highlights of the budget. In addition, the highlights of the Union budget 2013 presented by Minister of Finance Mr Chidambaram today are the following -


Union Budget 2013-2014 - The challenges facing the Minister of Finance

Minister of Finance Sri Chidambaram is facing a tough task in preparing the union budget 2013. On the one hand is the Lok sabha elections of 2014 that calls for popular measures and increased spending from the government. While on the other hand is the challenging state of the economy that calls for tough action including cut backs on government spending.

The main challenges the Minister of Finance will be facing this year will be


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